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Mindfulness Clinic

The Psychological Services Center at the Department of Psychology will be offering several 4-week mindfulness training programs in 2015. This 4-week program has been adapted from the traditional 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and will be taught by graduate students in the clinical psychology doctoral program, supervised by Dr. Ruchika Prakash, an assistant professor and licensed psychologist. This program teaches skills to work effectively with the general stressors of life and living as well as discomfort, pain, illness, suffering, anxiety, depression and general distress. Based on the principles of mindfulness, this program is designed to experience our present moments in their entirety, with non-reactivity and acceptance forming the crux of this experience. Many enroll in the program to reduce the stress in their lives or to learn to relate to it differently; develop enhanced focus and attention and to learn to stop the ‘chattering’ mind.

The Commitment
The program requires individuals to attend 4 weekly sessions, lasting about two hours each. Additionally, and in our opinion, critically, participants will be given a workbook, as well as CDs to engage in daily practice. We anticipate that you will be spending about an hour each day to this work. Participating in the program requires commitment to this work, and if you feel at this time, you are not ready or don’t have the time to commit, please check back at a future time. Space is restricted to a maximum of 10 individuals per group and thus we would highly encourage you to join in only if you feel you are ready to give your time and effort to this work.

The details of the two upcoming mindfulness programs are given below.

Tuesday Afternoon Session (3 – 5 pm):
March 22, March 29, April 5, April 12

Thursday Morning Session (9 – 11 am):
March 24, March 31, April 7, April 14

At this time we are no longer able to add to our already at capacity waiting list. We thank you for your interest! If you have questions, please contact email at

Please visit our website for local and national resources on mindfulness:

Next Steps:
You will undergo a twenty-minute phone screening session. The purpose of the phone screen is to acquire basic demographic and health information from you and learn more about the reasons for your participation in the program. The phone screen is conducted to collect preliminary information about you to determine fit between your needs and the services we offer. In this phone screen, we will be asking sensitive information about psychiatric and developmental history. Thus, before expressing interest in the program, please be aware that this information will be collected. If you decide to not pursue the program or we determine a lack of fit, we will shred this information.

Following the phone screen, you will be scheduled with a graduate-level clinical psychology trainee for a one-hour assessment session, covering in detail the information gathered during the phone screen. Additionally, you will fill out questionnaires assessing overall health. A similar session will be scheduled post the 4-weeks intervention.